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How it works

Orders Control


Greater security in orders

With this control, it is possible for the concierge to manage the receipt of orders at the concierge and the withdrawal from a security code that only the resident will have in their application.

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Delivery Control


Delivery control

With the convenience and practicality, the application will inform your unit about the delivery of pizza, food, flowers and others automatically ringing on your cell phone.

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Visitor control


Visitor control

Register your visitors through the application keeping them previously approved or refused, in addition to receiving calls from the concierge when any visitor arrives. It is very practical!

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Comunicado do síndico

Receiver's announcements

Enough paper! The announcements arrive on your cell phone at the same moment after being transmitted by the liquidator. With this sustainable vision, we continue with the modernity of the digital world.

Interfone digital - Chat

Chat Interfone digital

Condo Chat

It is possible to contact the units, concierge and administration via chat. In addition to being possible for the concierge to communicate with other ordinances aiming at the security of the neighborhood.


Ocorrência App Condomínio

Record of cases


Create interactive events wherever you are, and you can still take photos or send them from your gallery. The options are: Request, Suggestion, Complaint and Denunciation.


App Condomínio

Condominium Documents

Have in your hands the internal rules, the General Convention, the balcony sketches and much more!

Register of Residents

Cadastro de moradores App

Registration of residents

Always keep the register of residents up to date! including their vehicles, day laborers and pets.

Social activities

Social activities

Stay on top of the schedule of days with the week and times of Yoga classes, functional class, etc.

Space reservation

Reserva de espaço Aplicativo Condomínio

Booking of common spaces

It is possible to make reservations for barbecue grills, party rooms, tennis courts, etc. directly through the application with automatic rules of duplicity and defaulters.

Garage Sale

Classificado do Condomínio

Garage Sale Digital


This feature is intended for residents who can sell their objects for sale and can receive likes and comments from their ads.

Prestação de contas App de Condomínio




It is possible to monitor the accountability of the condominium by publishing or integrating it with information from the administrator.

Temporary resident


Temporary resident

Control of entry and exit of daily tenants, who came from the famous websites. Track your qualifications provided by owners from within the app! Know more!

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Controle de chaves


Controle com quem está a chave a unidade. Quem entregou e quem pegou com data e hora, além de aviso via notificação no celular.

Conceito social da rede

New features

Código no computador portátil

New functions (releases)

New features are always being added to exceed the expectations of residents and the condominium.

Conceito social da rede

Minimum requirements


- Android 8.0 Oreo (API Level 26)

We are a family owned and operated business.

IOS (Iphone):

- Iphone iOS 10.3

We are a family owned and operated business.

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